Mr Beefy 19/03/14

Introducing Mr Beefy, he is a British bulldog, he has big paws to follow, as he is being  trained to take safely into schools for dog safety education.

Mr Beefy( or beefy for short) comes from Absalom Kennels in Wanganui breeder Tracey Chant.




       Phoenix (RIP 23/10/14)

"I know you're not my mum phoenix, but you kind of look like her but with longer legs" 

Cheeky Mr Beefy, with a cutie from St Matthews school from Marton 06/05/14 

 Missy Peaches December2017                     

Mr Beefy with Peaches December 2017 


     Client Testimonials  11/03/13

 (surnames withheld for privacy reasons) 



  • The first thing we noticed was there were no dogs barking when we pulled up to drop our staffy shilo off, not like other kennels she has stayed in.  Even though the kennels were full,  It smelt and looked clean.  Shilo happily went into the kennels without being  pushed, and we drove away without the usual worries of what state of mind Shilo would be in when we returned to pick her up.  Kelly knows what she is talking about and I have no hesitation in recommending any dog owner to board their dogs at Kelsview Kennels. Thanks  Margaret


  • My little bishon had never been away from me and I was concerned she would fret, Kelly made sure all her needs were met, I came home to a happy little girl, that had actually put on a bit of weight in her stay.  Agnes


  • Kelly told us all the dogs get exercised while they stay with her , our dog Otis loves to play with a ball, he loved it so much, when we came to pick him up he ran back to Kelly, he didn't want to come home with us, well done we will be telling others about your well run kennels.  Patrick   


  • Our Cocker spaniel had never boarded before. Absolutely wonderful situation Kelly has there...not a bark or whimper from our Jack. The place was all smelling clean. Kelly is always can tell she cares and enjoys it so much. Jack loved it ... little bit tired coming home...we must be so boring by comparison! I can totally recommend Kelly and Kelsview. We have had Jack there 3 times now & last time he was following Kelly, rather than us...he loves her and all the exercise. A totally awesome kennel. (we have tried 3 other kennels with our last spaniel) Cannot recommend enough, thanks Kelly & your family, Anne  :-)


  • We knew our Dayna was well looked after at Kelsview but didn't quite realize the depth of Kelly's caring until picking her up recently...she did not want to come home!  Dayna was happy to see me as usual, but when it came to getting in my car, she scooted back to her bed!  Further, when I tried to coax her, Dayna hid between Kelly's husband's legs!  If that's not a sign of a caring kennel, I don't know what is!  Thank you so very much Kelly!



  • Hey there  Troy looks great thanks, and smells the best she has in years (poor girl).  Hope she behaved for you.  Deb
  • Jack is very happy with her new hair cut - she hasn't done any panting this afternoon :) Thanks, Kathryn
  • Are you sure this is my dog?, what a difference he looks great, even my other dog thought I had brought a new dog home, it seems to have rekindled an old romance :-) between them, great job see you in 6 weeks,  Paula