Why Trust Us 

We are animal lovers, and own American and British bulldogs, and being in a rural situation other animals too.  I have grown up with dogs, my parents bred German shepherds, I spent a lot of my younger years frequenting dogs shows with my parents. In recent years I worked as an animal control officer, where I was the pound keeper for 4 + years I had to deal with all types of dogs from spoilt pooches to aggressive, scared dogs.  

We manage a boutique boarding kennels so our visiting `pooch` friends only get the best while their owners are away to minimize fretting and anxiety which sometimes happens in a larger kennel facility.

If there is something special your pooch requires please ask us!  I am happy to administer medication, care for elderly dogs, puppies providing they are vaccinated, and will handle difficult dogs on a case by case basis, we have a piece of paradise, my goal is to keep all dogs that stay with us calm and as stress-free as possible.




Phoenix in the sun 

 Ana one of my past American bulldogs, and Minx the cat take over my lazyboy 


My special girl Phoenix,. Sadly had to be helped to heaven in 2015 all medical issues, without her our dog safety education programme wouldn't be the success it is now....RIP MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL   :-(